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Stylfile Mani Pro

I've been a fan of The Apprentice since 2007, so it was a thorough treat to put one of Tom Pellereau's unique creations to the test. Pellereau won the show in 2011 and later created 'Stylfile', a brand of innovative nail-grooming products. All the nail files in the range are shaped like an 'S', which provides them with identity.
Stylfile's Mani Pro (£8.99) is the latest product of the simplistic and inventive collection, and is as novel as it's made out to be. The Mani Pro is a nail buffer with a stainless steel cuticle pusher and cuticle neatener concealed inside, which are revealed when you part the file into two. Before using the Mani Pro, I soaked my nails in soapy water for five minutes to soften the cuticles. I haven't used a stainless steel cuticle pusher before, and regularly used to use wooden disposable orange sticks, which now seem paltry. Mani Pro's cuticle pusher is adept is gently pushing back cuticles and ensuring they stay pushed back for much longer than orange/cuticle sticks are capable of doing. The cuticle pusher helpfully has a curved shape, to adhere to your natural nail shape easily and allow you to push each cuticle back in one go. I was most intrigued by the cuticle neatener, which rids of dead skin and lifts cuticles up. Initially it reminded me of a seam ripper, but is much smaller and protrudes into a 3D 'V' shape on one side. I positioned the tip of the V at one end of the cuticle and gently brought it round to the other side, which lifted the dead skin and cuticle in one go. There's 4 surfaces to the outer nail buffer, numbered one to four to help you use them in the correct order. Side two is blue in colour and is quite smoothing- I don't have ridges but it's supposed to smooth ridges, which I know is a common problem. Side three is pink in colour and buffs the nails. My favourite side is side four, because it gives nails an attractive shine. Admittedly, the shine lacked longevity, however it takes seconds to use the four sides of the buffer, which is designed to be easy and quick to use even with your non-dominant hand. Physically, the product looks functional and is compact.
Overall, it's not difficult to see why Lord Sugar has given his backing to Pellereau's Stylfile collection. I do think the Mani Pro is a quick, easy and convenient nail tool which saves time (an important factor in our ever-increasing busy schedules) and delivers a high performance in nail care. I'm highly anticipating Stylfile's Infuse (£11.99) which will be released the new year, as it'll be the world's first moisturising nail file. Interestingly, a click of the nail file will release cuticle oil to make it easy to moisturise nails on the go, as well as filing them. This product was sent for review and has been reviewed honestly.
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