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If I was a very wealthy woman I would undoubtedly pay for a manicurist to look after my hands on a weekly basis. Using m digits for a living puts them under immense strain, causing my hands to become dry and my cuticles somewhat embarrassing after only a couple of days away from the manicurist's chair; my nails often split and chip, while polish only lasts a couple of days before looking worse for wear. As a result I've built up a portfolio of products I rely upon to keep my hands looking as good as possible, while ensuring any essential maintenance is kept as faff-free and quick to manage. It may not be glamorous, but these are the products I rely on to keep my hands in as good a condition as I can muster between manicures. 



I've got nail files all around the house - in kitchen drawers, on the bathroom shelf, scattered around my desk... A chipped nail in need of special attention is the most distracting thing in the world, so I'm never that far from a handy tool. However, this nail file from Stylfile helps to create a professional look thanks to the curved nature of the design; it's been manufactured to mimic the natural curve of the nail for effortless 'just stepped out of the nail salon' talons. When I'm sitting down for a proper manicure session this is the one I use... Plus there's a mini one you can attach to your keyring for use on the move!


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