Stylfile – Nail Care Innovation from Tom Pellereau

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It seems entirely logical that when shaping our curved nail tips that a curved nail file like Stylfile would be more suitable, so why didn’t someone think of it sooner?!
Having put this to the test on a few occasions since the event, I can tell you there is no going back to the straight models.
Tom got the idea for Stylfile watching female friends and family filing their nails. Since the initial design, there have been several beneficial add ons to create new models. Such as...The hook to clean out underneath the whites of your nails & The cuticle pusher, located at the other end to the hook, or both cleverly concealed inside the mini handbag version.
Tom looks for gaps in the market, and is all about making products that are solutions, easy to use and save time. One issue I have is cutting the nails on my right hand with scissors and I don’t like using clippers as I feel it can weaken the nail. I explained this to Tom, and lo and behold he already had the solution for me! Stylfile clippers have a curved edge which means they cut like scissors! These are truly fabulous, a definite permanent fixture in my nail kit!


And the latest Stylfile addition – nourishing almond oil in a touche éclait style delivery system.


Thanks to Biteable Beauty for the lovely review following your afternoon tea with Inventor Tom 
Read the full review here
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